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White Oak stays

After yesterday I thought I would post a picture of the white oak I use for my stays.... First a pic of the stays:

And just so everyone can see white oak I took a picture of the oak slats with the reed behind it. You can see how much stiffer it is than the reed, and thicker..... It's really fantastic.


"The next best is pounded ash, it comes on a roll is smooth, strong
and you only have to cut to length. The con is that it is pricy and
boning one set of stays can cost up to 75.00. Available from Nates
Nantuket Baskets It is not on
the website, you need to call. It is 25.00 a roll for 25 feet."

From the 18th century woman's list - a link to buy it!
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I blame her!

It's all Katherines fault - I've ordered 7 yards of 10oz wool/silk grey/brown plaid and 4 yards of medium brown tropical weight wool to make my 1850's walking dress. Yep walking dress for May but I think the tropical weight will be nicer than most of the other weight/fibers out there. Right now it looks like a plaid skirt and a solid jacket. I'm not much for fluff, so I'm not planning on putting tiers in the skirt but I got enough just in case. Turns out that York Woolens (just found them) was 20% off orders of 100 or more. I would have ordered 88 dollars worth and gotten 10% off, or I could up the order and get 20%. I took 20%. At 60 wide I might be able to make a different bodice as well. I'm so fabric-evil. And I blame Katherine and Twila!
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makes you think

Have you ever noticed that you think you have a ton of research/info, etc. but the second that you go to try and find something specific you can't find it? Yeah - it's the 1855 walking dress. My brain is telling me a nice jacket and petticoat - I already have the corded petticoat - over and under petticoats, shoes, corset (well, it's an excuse to make one I have the pattern for), muslin body etc. I can't find a picture now of what I want. It probably doesnt' help that my poor computer at home is less than the nicest at operations right now.

I've check Kyoto, Costume in Detail, Janet Arnold. Nothing is quite like what I want. Any chances that anyone on here as seen a walking dress from the 1850's that is like that? Or am I just going to have to make a same color ensemble????
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Mt. Charleston

Believe it or not - You can get to snow from Las Vegas within about 30 miles. So Twila, Katherine and I had been planning on playing in the snow for several weeks now - but it kept snowing so hard that we couldn't make the drive (snow tired required). Today we finally it made it up there. Compleaty wet and sloppy but we got to take a fantastic sleigh ride!!!!

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I am still here

There was sewing this last weekend - a new tropical weight wool skirt and then finishing the cotton skirt I had started a week or so before. I need to track my shift pattern from Sewing Central because I haven't seen it yet. I'd like to say that somehow I'm sewing a ton but I think that Saturdays are being eaten by my long run (it will be 17 miles on Saturday this week) and then Sunday I chill and sew/clean the house.

I did find this great site - Joes New Balence Outlet - for super cheap New Balence stuff - from shoes to clothing. LOVE. I spend way too much time on that and fabric websites. I also own way too much clothing and shoes. Not that it will be changing any time soon.

Hmmmm, yeah, my littlest sister is preg. and they think it's a boy. So they've been picking out names. Ronin (pronounce Ro - nan) Michael Unklebach. I'm pretty sure that all of my nephews and neices on that side of the family are going to be wacky. Why would you do that to a child?
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Eeeekkk no wait, YIPPIE

So they finally had managment forum at work yesterday. In other words, we were going to find out how bad the economy was going to be on our jobs. Boy was I relieved that it looks like we won't get a COLA raise this year (we normaly get about 3-6% raise a year to adjust for the cost of living) but we will still get merit raises. And they are asking for one day of furlough this year (unpaid day off). The the furlough - OPTIONAL. I have to say as someone who has been laid off before, and who makes a decent amount of money, I'll willingly give them three or four over the course of the next year. Really. It's designed so that those who are very close to retirement, and those who live paycheck-to-paycheck won't be hurt by it. I'm counting myself very lucky because the state museum system just got a furlough of one day a week (so a 20% drop in salary there) plus another 6% loss on top of that. And they've laid people off. Sigh... that takes care of some strees.

And it looks like it's going to be a nice day today - aka, I don't see any rain. I'm looking foward to the 16 mils - I'll probably start prepping in a bit - but for Valentines Day Ben out-did me. I guess it's probably retailiation for me out-doing him for Christmas. I got this cool "running coach" that records lap times and if you wear this sensor deal it will track your heart rate as well. I'm thinking that the lap deal will come in handy - especially at the gym because it will let me track how fast I'm going with each lap, but it will at least time me on the long runs.

Katherine, you will be thrilled that Ben also got me a new camera. Yeah - he got the Guitar Hero with all the parts and pices - but he got me a elph (different model than you and him) and an 8 GB card. You'll be very happy when snow day comes and the zippy camera is here!
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(no subject)

So what I've learned here is that I'm terrible at posting - almost as bad as uploading pictures. I have been around - and back alive. Not too much on the crafting front. I've started a spring skirt but then we got a cold-snap. I'm perfectly fine with it - and this weekend I'm going to try and finish that and make one of the tropical wool skirts.

Thanks to Katherine I'm also going to try and work on some gaiters for my civil war stuff. YEAH! I need to do that, snow in boots is never fun! And we'll see what else I am motivated to do.
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(no subject)

yeah, so I haven't posted so much lately. Not too much on the sewing front. I finally cut out and started a spring skirt - then it got cold. As in last week I had a training run of 15 miles - it was 45 degrees and raining. Then this Saturday looks to be a little drier but more of the same.

The cold is almost gone. I have to love that z-pack.
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(no subject)

I think Fashion Fabrics Club/Denver Fabric can eat my shoe. Do they not know what they are selling or maybe they should email you that the fabric you want is sold out!