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Eeeekkk no wait, YIPPIE

So they finally had managment forum at work yesterday. In other words, we were going to find out how bad the economy was going to be on our jobs. Boy was I relieved that it looks like we won't get a COLA raise this year (we normaly get about 3-6% raise a year to adjust for the cost of living) but we will still get merit raises. And they are asking for one day of furlough this year (unpaid day off). The the furlough - OPTIONAL. I have to say as someone who has been laid off before, and who makes a decent amount of money, I'll willingly give them three or four over the course of the next year. Really. It's designed so that those who are very close to retirement, and those who live paycheck-to-paycheck won't be hurt by it. I'm counting myself very lucky because the state museum system just got a furlough of one day a week (so a 20% drop in salary there) plus another 6% loss on top of that. And they've laid people off. Sigh... that takes care of some strees.

And it looks like it's going to be a nice day today - aka, I don't see any rain. I'm looking foward to the 16 mils - I'll probably start prepping in a bit - but for Valentines Day Ben out-did me. I guess it's probably retailiation for me out-doing him for Christmas. I got this cool "running coach" that records lap times and if you wear this sensor deal it will track your heart rate as well. I'm thinking that the lap deal will come in handy - especially at the gym because it will let me track how fast I'm going with each lap, but it will at least time me on the long runs.

Katherine, you will be thrilled that Ben also got me a new camera. Yeah - he got the Guitar Hero with all the parts and pices - but he got me a elph (different model than you and him) and an 8 GB card. You'll be very happy when snow day comes and the zippy camera is here!
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