sarahnucci (sarahnucci) wrote,

I am still here

There was sewing this last weekend - a new tropical weight wool skirt and then finishing the cotton skirt I had started a week or so before. I need to track my shift pattern from Sewing Central because I haven't seen it yet. I'd like to say that somehow I'm sewing a ton but I think that Saturdays are being eaten by my long run (it will be 17 miles on Saturday this week) and then Sunday I chill and sew/clean the house.

I did find this great site - Joes New Balence Outlet - for super cheap New Balence stuff - from shoes to clothing. LOVE. I spend way too much time on that and fabric websites. I also own way too much clothing and shoes. Not that it will be changing any time soon.

Hmmmm, yeah, my littlest sister is preg. and they think it's a boy. So they've been picking out names. Ronin (pronounce Ro - nan) Michael Unklebach. I'm pretty sure that all of my nephews and neices on that side of the family are going to be wacky. Why would you do that to a child?
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