sarahnucci (sarahnucci) wrote,

makes you think

Have you ever noticed that you think you have a ton of research/info, etc. but the second that you go to try and find something specific you can't find it? Yeah - it's the 1855 walking dress. My brain is telling me a nice jacket and petticoat - I already have the corded petticoat - over and under petticoats, shoes, corset (well, it's an excuse to make one I have the pattern for), muslin body etc. I can't find a picture now of what I want. It probably doesnt' help that my poor computer at home is less than the nicest at operations right now.

I've check Kyoto, Costume in Detail, Janet Arnold. Nothing is quite like what I want. Any chances that anyone on here as seen a walking dress from the 1850's that is like that? Or am I just going to have to make a same color ensemble????
Tags: 1850 walking outfit
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