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I blame her!

It's all Katherines fault - I've ordered 7 yards of 10oz wool/silk grey/brown plaid and 4 yards of medium brown tropical weight wool to make my 1850's walking dress. Yep walking dress for May but I think the tropical weight will be nicer than most of the other weight/fibers out there. Right now it looks like a plaid skirt and a solid jacket. I'm not much for fluff, so I'm not planning on putting tiers in the skirt but I got enough just in case. Turns out that York Woolens (just found them) was 20% off orders of 100 or more. I would have ordered 88 dollars worth and gotten 10% off, or I could up the order and get 20%. I took 20%. At 60 wide I might be able to make a different bodice as well. I'm so fabric-evil. And I blame Katherine and Twila!
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