September 2nd, 2009

Blue Gown Back

White Oak stays

After yesterday I thought I would post a picture of the white oak I use for my stays.... First a pic of the stays:

And just so everyone can see white oak I took a picture of the oak slats with the reed behind it. You can see how much stiffer it is than the reed, and thicker..... It's really fantastic.


"The next best is pounded ash, it comes on a roll is smooth, strong
and you only have to cut to length. The con is that it is pricy and
boning one set of stays can cost up to 75.00. Available from Nates
Nantuket Baskets It is not on
the website, you need to call. It is 25.00 a roll for 25 feet."

From the 18th century woman's list - a link to buy it!