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I'm now onto day 5 of being sick.... at what point do I break down and call the dr? Most likely it would mean needed to go to the emergency room on base - which I can't really do since my car 1 - is not yet registered since I just got part of the paperwork yesterday and 2 - is not registered at base and Ben is at work - 45 miles away.
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Notes from my weekend

1. 14 miles is a long way to run - it's even longer when you are getting over a cold. And especially when you are getting over a cold, and you know it will take longer to run the distance, you should make sure to load up on the sunscreen.

2. Nothing is better than new running shoes. Two pairs because Under Armour just came out with running shoes and I replaced my New Balence ones with the upgraded model because I definatly wore out the old ones.

3. NyQuil is good - It does't seem to last that long but it makes it possible to at least fall asleep. As a side note I just took some so I expect this entry is probably a bit interesting to read.

4. I love my new body pillow. Ben took pity on me being sick and I got to pick out the pillow and then the pillow case and it's lovely!

5. Making cables when knitting isn't so bad. When I'm not medicated, over exercising and sunburning myself, or laying comotose on the couch, I'm knitting the blocks that I like from the Great American Afgan. It's a bit of a challenge but it's kinda fun to learn new techniques on without messing up a big project.

6. I want to know why all my sisters are having at least one boy. Let me rephrase that. One sister has a little boy, one is expecting a boy, and the other is expecting twins - one boy and one girl.

7. How do cats seem to throw up their body weight in half-digested food and hair balls. She's not a small cat. And yes, I'm blaming just one of them for all of todays festivities in that department.

8. I'd say that I sewed this weekend, I'd like to but I know better to cut or sew anything when I'm sick or don't feel well. It always backfires. On the other hand I did order the Reconstructing History pattern. I'm hoping that next week I'll make some progress.

9. NFL refs are a bunch of crap. The Cardinals should have won.

And now it is bedtime!
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I have Virginia parents - if I've never explained this before. Derrick and Donna have helped me out with everything I have needed since I met them - they've given me a place to say, room and board, and the loving support of parents when mine lived thousands of miles away. I can't say enough good things about them.

Today we recieved our Christmas box from them - yes, I know, it's late January but we decided that we didn't like the post office enough to go during the holiday rush and we enjoyed streaching the holidays as much as possible. I am so amazed. Not only did I get a copy of Corsets (Salen) and some kitty toys, a cute night gown and a two discs of godey's fashion plates - I have a new pair of Silk Stockings!!!!! I love them - they know me so well. And it's incredibly nice to know that someone does this crazy costume stuff (plus Katherine and Twila) since you really have to know it to go and buy the stuff. YIPPIE! I'm off to go and enjoy my book, and maybe some wii fit!
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so excited

I very rarely get pictures of the exhibits I work on - but this time around one of the artists, Heather Protz, took a ton of images and then posted them to her blog. Not really the most flattering ones of me, but the images are really cool and you can see some great shot of the show.

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try this agian

I'm actually starting to look at this project - and Lucy Walters. I'm a bit of a rebel sometimes and I don't want to do the duchess satin so many others are. The original of the jacket I plan on making is of silk moire. Of course now I can't find any anywhere! I've found a whopping two very nasty colored pieces on ebay. Does anyone know where I could find moire (if not 100% silk, very close to it?)
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zoom zoom

So the new car is now off with Ben to work. The rocker-panel is in and painted for his car, so I'm taking it in this morning. I'm actualy just sitting here eating orange cinnamon rolls and drinking coffee, then a quick shower and I'm off to have that taken care of. After that, today is my day. Maybe I'll even clean the sewing room a bit and work on a project?

So I was going to take a picture - so everyone can see this zippy new car (Ben has named her stormy since shes dark grey mica) - but all I had was my camera phone - so here is the pic from yesterdays breakfast date so that Twila could be the first non-family member in the car.

Sorry, I don't think it's very big since it's a cell phone image. It is a Mazda 3 Touring Value - so I have cruise control, power windows/doors, audio controls on the steering wheel, and the ability to play my MP3 player through the sound system and sattelite radio ready. Ben tells me I can listen to radio stations from home if I get the sattelite radio - I must check it out.

I feel pretty guilty about now buying an american car - espceially a Saturn but I found that the price of a new car with the incentives and really low interest rate was a whopping 30-40 more a months than a used car, and I could get what I wanted. I test drove a bunch of cars and this one is by far the most fun to drive. Ben made up two excuses so far so that he could drive it to the store/to get ice cream. I guess it passes - plus after all the research this is definatly the car that is currently holding it's value the best, and the best value out there. All the Mazda owners I know love theirs, so I guess it's time to just have fun and drive. I've never bought a new car before, but I bought gap insurance and extended my warranty to 5 years 60,000 miles. After the last maintaince bills from hell, I think it was well worth the money.

That's probably enough rambling about my car - and I should probably get on with my day - sewing and knitting?
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It's over - as of 5pm today I will be the proud owner of a 2009 Mazda 3 touring value in dark grey. It was really frustrating to deal with them - but I finally got the trade-in value up high enough, the price low enough, and the interest rate better. I think that whole car shopping thing is over rated.
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I must say that when the lady in charge of the Southern Nevada Living History Association decides to offer classes as a back to basic type re-enacting costume thing - and then offers to teach Twila, Katherine, and I "advanced" costuming it's pretty funny. As of right now this person manages to wear a hand-me-down dress that I gave her and told her to put a collar and cuffs on. Neither has happened. It's compleatly driving me nuts.

What you you think - Twila and Katherine?
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